Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Shannon & John's Engagement Photos

Sometimes you meet people that you just click with.  This couple had no problem with being creative and I had a blast photographing them. 

In the morning I went over to the Hamden firehouse where he is a lieutenant and shot some pics of him and his future wife near the fire trucks.  Shanan had 3 wedding dresses for me to photograph her in.  That was fun. 

When I found out they had a motorcycle, I thought it would be great to take some pictures at sunset time on the bike.  The couple came over with a bottle of homemade wine for me!  Thank you Shanon and John!

We headed out to Branford Point and Stony Creek.  These are some of  my favorite pictures of that day.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Stony Creek Sunset

One of the things that I love to photograph is sunsets.  I am addicted to them.  Here are a couple that I shot on July 4th in Stony Creek.  I think I have photographed a sunset or two in every shoreline around Branford.

Branford Point Fireworks

I know it's late, but these are photos of the Branford Point Fireworks show.

They have a wonderful fireworks display every year.
The fireworks are shot right off the rocks right at the end of the street near the water.

The debris from the fireworks actually fall on your head because it is so close.

This year we had a huge party that day because both of  my daughter's graduated school.  One graduated high school and the other college.   It was party time with a  millions of friends and relatives, good food and music.