Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Daughter's Artwork

This has nothing to do with photography but I'd like to post it anyway.  This is my daughter's artwork when she was a lot younger.  She is now 21 years old.  I kind of think when she drew it at the time, she was thinking about a boy that she probably had a crush on.  What do you think?


The color yellow represents to me, the sun, brightness, happy and warmth.  The warmer weather cannot come fast enough.  Seems like this winter never ended. Blizzards and snow storms were throughout the eastern U.S.   Snow is pretty when it first falls in Connecticut, but after plowing, it's all dirty.  So I want to be in a yellow mood.  I can see now, why, yellow is my daughter's favorite color. This photo was taken in Stony Creek, Ct. during the end of the summer last year, when sunflowers are plentiful. I can hear the birds tweeting, feel the warm summer breeze and the smell of the sea at high tide.  Let's go for a dip in the ocean.